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GIUMARRA presents “DulceVida”, an exclusive range of tasty stone fruits.


LOS ANGELES – February 4th, 2015 –

GIUMARRA is pleased to launch for the first time the limited and exclusive production of red apricots and white and yellow nectarines from its “DulceVida” range of extra-soft products, a product of its Nature’s Partner brand.

“We chose the name” DulceVida “because it highlights the combination of the excellent taste of the product with its European origin, thus expressing a unique tasting experience worth sharing,” explains John CORSARO, director of GIUMARRA . “Consumers will immediately associate the fruit and flavor of” DulceVida “flavors with something truly special.”

This new brand is the result of an exclusive contract with Star Fruits. During the last 10 years, varieties have been thoroughly evaluated in experimental orchards in France and in California.

The portrait of the taste of these varieties is the richness of the perfume as well as the intense sweetness, combined with a unique firm flesh. The combination of these characteristics creates an aroma, taste, and succulent texture that leaves an impression and justifies the name of “DulceVida”.

“The license for this exceptionally sweet fruit has been granted exclusively to GIUMARRA for North America and Chile,” explains John THIESEN, head of GIUMARRA at REEDLEY. “This provides an international solution to provide the stone fruit industry continuously, while giving the consumer a memorable tasting experience.”

GIUMARRA will first offer “DulceVida” with apricots and nectarines produced in California for the 2015 season of stone fruits, while having development projects.

“When we are fully operational, we are confident that the introduction of” DulceVida “will set the bar very high with regard to taste,” says Jeannine MARTIN, sales manager for GIUMARRA REEDLEY. “We are focused on our long-term goal of constantly offering delicious products to the market. This fruit is extraordinary and different from anything I’ve ever tasted personally in my entire career dedicated to the Californian fruit industry.”

For more information: www.giumarra.com

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