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Star Fruit, License Manager of Success Stories

Founded in 1968, Star Fruit is a multi-product license manager/nursery. The 4 Nursery associated within the group are the Cros-Viguier, Du Val d’Or, Toulemonde and Veauvy nurseries. They are rich with a range covering all fruit species cultivated in France. In fact, they are able to provide innovative solutions thanks to the rich variety ranges available and the variety of breeders having trusted Star Fruits.

Star Fruits is also involved in the production of rootstocks through two subsidiaries, PMP companies (84) and Eurostem (42) developed with a partner establishment.

The history of Star Fruits is marked by success stories for the French arboriculture.

It all started with Maycrest. In the 80s, the Bradford peach / nectarine program contributed to the mutation of this production. As for Orangered® and Early Blush®these two varieties were involved in the late 80s revival of the production of apricots.

Star Fruits then accompanied the emergence of Mr René Caillet-Monteux’s procurement program. Since, this program has taken a major place in French culture of peaches and nectarines.

Finally Cripps Pink was diffused as part of the selective distribution network oe Pink Lady®.  This approach has been a revolution in the integrated diffusion of fruit varieties in close and permanent partnership with all stakeholders in the sector. This unique know-how has recently allowed for the emergence of other product initiatives Joya® in apple, Nectavigne® in nectarine, and finally, Metis® in plum.

Star Fruit now has a long experience in the evaluation and dissemination of new varieties, but it is also involved very early on in the French breeding programs. Already associated with the apple program Novadi (Naturianes®) Star Fruits is fully engaged in the peach, nectarine and apricot creation programs, developed within the company AC Fruit.  This program was implemented by French growers for the future of French growers.

With almost half a century of commitment and conscious of its responsibilities, Star Fruit and their Associate Members are constantly looking to the future with strong values ​​in arboriculture service.

Leader varieties

  • Apple: ” GALASTAR ® Galafab” (breeder Lionel Fabre)
  • Yellow peach: ” Princess Time” (breeder Mr. Glen Bradford)
  • Blanche peach: ” Monsolle” (breeder Mr. René Monteux- Caillet )
  • White Nectarine: ” Rosalise” (breeder AC Fruit)
  • Red apricot New Range René Monteux- Caillet – AC Fruit (” Monabri” breeder René-Monteux- Caillet )
  • Cherry: ” Grace Star” (breeder University of Bologna)