At the heart of research in support of the protagonists of varietal innovation

Because it is at the heart of the sector, Star Fruits is actively involved in research and development programs.


Star Fruits is the interface between breeders and the arboreal industry. This is why it is a powerful stimulator of research by providing advice to breeders in their choice of orientation in their hybridization programs.
But variety innovation does not end at the creation of new varieties. By animating an extremely dense experimentation network, Star Fruits is itself an actor of research by a rigorous selection of the best cultivars. It thus enhances the work of breeders. Moreover it provides technical support for the conduct of each of them. Indeed, by its knowledge of the behavior of each of the orchard’s varieties, it also brings advice to users regarding implementation and production. In this way it safeguards all future users.
Its action in the matter of implications in research and development programs is also exerted in the quest for the best means of valorizing varieties based on their potential.
Whether for species with seed or stones, many examples illustrate the ability of Star Fruits to mobilize and bring together energies to offer the best in varietal innovation in schemas of development, which themselves can also be extreme innovative
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