The job of Star Fruits is to share its finding with the industry regarding breeding, technical and economic projects. These projects must be consistent, meaningful and bring about development.

They are a license manager that operates upstream within the sector. It is positioned between the creation of varieties and the production and trade of fruits. As such, their situation allows them to be in contact with all stakeholders. This is particularly true in the sector procedures. It is with these players that Star Fruits shares common interests. They guide him and his members in their common commitment to the ultimate goal: create interest through innovation and continuously satisfy the customer with the quality.

STAR FRUITS ensures the development of innovative projects in seed and stone fruits, through:

– The expertise of a multidisciplinary team of 16 people

– The commitment of 4 associated nurserymen

– A comprehensive offer of sister companies Star Export, PMP and Eurostem

– The strength of our international network of breeders, partners and licensees

– Recognized expertise in the Pink Lady ® , Joya ® , Metis ® , Nectavigne ® or OPAL ® products approaches.

– And nearly 50 years of experience in the sector.